Avery Comes Home

What a story. Avery is home after the first 6 months of her life was spent in the NICU at Cook Children’s. The Wooley’s have to be the most persevering family I have encountered. I have had the special opportunity of documenting Avery’s stay in the hospital over the past couple of months and was more than thrilled to experience one of her first days home. Welcome home, Avery! You and your parents are the most deserving crew, I know you will continue to wow us with your progress.

Check out Avery’s journey here!


The first day I met this sweet one..


Avery, you did it!



I have a new found love for Thursday nights.

It is safe to say that going back to school has created a substantial turn of events in my life. Learning to juggle my business, grad school, and volunteer work at Cook Children’s while keeping a sane mind has been a bit challenging-but most importantly has also allowed me to gain new purpose. My internship this year is at Alliance for Children, Tarrant County’s child advocacy center, where the mission is to aid the lives of sexually abused children. I am working with the clinical team, taking on my own counseling sessions with children suffering from sexual trauma. Not only have these experiences served as wake up calls to my own perspective (which is always beneficial), I desperately enjoy leaving my time at the center knowing that I attempted to make a difference in a troubling situation.

While ultimately striving toward a career in art therapy, I have been thankful for the center’s excitement toward my art background. They have encouraged me to bring my camera to sessions to share in the healing processes. Below are a couple of my favorites that the girls in our group session took, along with their inspiring chalk art. I will always believe that beautiful words are the best remedies.